Lymphathic Drainage​​ massage   

Lymphathic Drainage is a circulatory system of the human body

playing the role of scavenger in the human body or

major medium to collect toxins from the human organs.


                                            It also collects toxins and metabolic waste in the process of                                                              transferring nutrients and oxygen by blood for filtration                                                            and purification and then eliminates the toxins and metabolic waste from the body through the inguen and excretory

system after transferring to the kidneys.  Provided that

lymphatic system circulation slows down, the toxins

accumulate and cause edema and toxin buildup in the

body. Bad circulation can cause vivo toxin accumulation

and results in fatness, dark skin, facial acne and other

beauty-damaging problems.
LD massage is mainly to dredge circulatory system of human body by massage and aromatic function of essential oil for the purposes of expelling the vivo toxin from the body, and accordingly solves the beauty-damaging problems resulted from accumulative toxin.